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Ohio Assessments for Educators: Current Teachers

Updates to OAE Middle Grades Assessments

By the request of the Ohio Department of Education, the OAE Middle Grades assessments and corresponding preparation materials have been updated for fall 2016.

Assessment Information
The updated version of the assessment, which has 125 multiple-choice questions, will be administered beginning Sep 26, 2016.

Free Preparation Materials
The updated assessment frameworks and free study guides for the updated Middle Grades assessments are now available on this website. Select your Middle Grades assessment from the Prepare page to view the materials for the assessment you are scheduled to take.

Practice Assessments
The updated Middle Grades practice assessments are now available for purchase. If you purchased a Middle Grades practice assessment prior to Sep 14, 2016, you have the practice assessment for the previous version of the assessment.

Expanded Study Guides
The Middle Grades expanded study guides that are available for purchase are updated in real time, and will reflect the current design of the assessment regardless of when the product is purchased. If you have previously purchased a Middle Grades expanded study guide, this online product will now reflect updates to the Middle Grades content assessments.