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Ohio Assessments for Educators: Current Teachers

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3319.58 which requires testing currently licensed, practicing teachers through the OAE: Current Teachers program has been repealed, effective November 2, 2018, per Ohio Senate Bill 216. The OAE: Current Teachers program will end November 2, 2018.


What assessment do I need to take? Read more about testing requirements for the Ohio Assessments for Educators program for currently licensed teachers retesting in content areas they instruct.

Passing requirements. The assessments include multiple-choice questions and some also include constructed-response assignments. Passing status is based on an examinee's performance across all sections of an assessment.

Information about each assessment. Get specific information about an assessment and access preparation materials by selecting the assessment from the following table.

Test CodeContent Knowledge Assessments
050/051 American Sign Language (ASL) Assessment for World Language Teachers of ASL (Subtests I & II)
006 Art
007 Biology
009 Chemistry
011 Dance
012 Early Childhood Education
014 Earth and Space Science
018/019 Elementary Education (Subtests I & II)
020 English Language Arts
021 English to Speakers of Other Languages
090 Foundations of Reading
024 Integrated Science
025 Integrated Social Studies
027 Mathematics
028 Middle Grades English Language Arts
030 Middle Grades Mathematics
029 Middle Grades Science
031 Middle Grades Social Studies
032 Music
035 Physics
038/039 Reading (Subtests I & II)
048 Theater